Brandable Domain Name Finder


  • New: auto whois check
  • New: ability to skip DNS check
  • New: .mobi added
  • Combine multiple word lists quickly
  • Word lists can be added very quickly (source code video shows how)
  • Easy to use GUI – ready to be modified to your liking
  • Fast checker will check quickly with high accuracy
  • Ability to check whois for more accuracy
  • Finally, click the “available” link on the whois check to go buy the domain
  • 4 source code videos (about 30 minutes) explaining everything
  • Full resale rights, learn and earn from it!


This is a brandable domain name finder that uses the HTTP Post plugin (paid). This is source code only. You must own Ubot Studio and have the dev version and the HTTP Post Plguin to use this. You must also install the following free plugins:  file management plugin, the threads counter plugin and the advanced file plugin.