Link Indexing Plugin

The Link Indexing Plugin will help you connect your users to popular link indexing services easily. This plugin comes with two example files shown in the video to help you quickly add this new feature to your existing or future programs.

Sites & Features:

  • Elite Link Indexer (function)
  • Lindexed (function)
  • Link Centaur (function)
  • Indexification (function)
  • Indexification Remaining Limit (function) – gets remaining limit for the day.
  • Linklicious (command)
  • Linklicious Get Remaining (function) – gets remaining limit for the day.
  • One Hour Indexing (command)
  • One Hour Indexing Get Remaining (function) – gets remaining limit for the day.

The indexing functions will return an “OK” or an “ERROR: error here” while the remaining limit functions will return the number of links remaining for the day or an error message.

The indexing commands will return a table with the following information:

  • Error (true, false, or validation error)
  • Error Message (if there is one)
  • Links Added (number)
  • Links Rejected (number)
  • Batch Id (can be used in future campaigns)