Proxy Finder And Checker

Proxy Finder And Checker With “Get Fresh Proxies” Button

3 Clicks To Find And Check Fresh Proxies!


This is it, I’m giving you the full package so that you can use this product in multiple ways such as:

  • Learn from the source code
  • Sell the product or give it away
  • Sell the proxies in a SAAS model (check the marketing and ideas video)

Here are some of the features of the package:

  • Get Fresh Proxies button – No proxy sources required!
  • Multithreaded and super fast
  • Comes with two themes
  • Easily change the theme colors, I show you how in the source code video
  • 3 source code videos where I go over everything the program does
  • Marketing and ideas video
  • Proxy judge scripts included if you want to host your own
  • Premade FAQ to give to your buyers
  • Free updates for the length of development
  • Full resale rights
  • Right to modify it in any way

My Guarantee To You

I want you to be happy with the product and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time I’ll give you a credit to IM Autobots for the amount of your purchase. No strings attached.

This uses the HTTP Post plugin (paid). This is source code only. You must own Ubot Studio and have the dev version and the HTTP Post Plguin to use this. You must also install the following free plugins:  file management plugin, the threads counter plugin the advanced file plugin and the ini file reader.