Regular Expressions Course

Regular expressions are very powerful and can take your bots to the next level. But they are a real pain at first and very confusing. My aim for this course is to show you what regular expressions are and to walk you through how to use them. We go over regex bit by bit at first and then move on to real world examples.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Theory – we cover what regex is and what you can use it for
Part 2: Breaking it Down – we go over regex bit by bit
Part 3: Ubot Specific Regex – I explain what you need to know – specifically for Ubot Studio
Part 4: Practical – we go over real world examples

There is a little bit over 2 hours of total video content.

Part 4 is the part where I hope it all comes together and I think it is the part people will be most excited about. In part 4 we cover the following topics:

  • We make a proxy scarper that will scrape proxies out of the source code of the website you put in
  • We create a Twitter email scraper that scrapes emails out of tweets from Twitter search
  • We make a phone number scraper that scrapes phone numbers in various formats
  • We create a link validator that you can swipe for your own bots
  • Finally we cover the $replace regular expression function

These programs are all simple and really more focused on teaching regular expressions but they can be expanded upon and easily turned into full bots that you can go on to use or sell.