SEO Plugin

Update: Google Plus One count has been removed since they do not display the count anymore.


  • Download Backlinks: Moz API
  • Get Moz Metrics Single Url: Page Authority, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Link Count
  • Domain Location Info: IP, Country, Region, City, Zip, Time Zone, Latitude, Longitude


  • $Whois Lookup: Query whois servers
  • $Domain Availability DNS Check: See if a domain is taken
  • $Get Domain IP
  • $Wayback First Capture: First capture of the url, can remove toolbar
  • $Wayback Last Capture: Most recent capture, can remove toolbar
  • $Wayback First Capture Date: 4 different date formats
  • $Wayback Last Capture Date: 4 different date formats
  • $Wayback Get Captures: You can get all the captures for a url, can remove toolbar
  • $Get Url Fragment: Returns the #fragement from a url
  • $Replace Url Fragment: Good for removing duplicate links with different fragments
  • $HTTP Status Code: 200, 404, etc. Good for alive checking
  • $Get Url Hostname
  • $Is Valid Url: Returns True/False if the url format is valid
  • $Trim Url To Root: Trims url to domain or subdomain level
  • $Alexa Rank
  • $Facebook Like/Share Count: Can get like or share count from Facebook
  • $Google Plus One Count (Removed)
  • $Linkedin Share Count
  • $Pinterest Shares
  • $Is.Gd: Link shortener
  • $TinyUrl: link shortener
  • $Amazon Keyword Scraper
  • $Bing Keyword Scraper
  • $Yahoo Keyword Scraper
  • $Keyword Density Checker: Check keyword density, optimally use stop words, optimally remove punctuation