SEO Stats Checker


  • DNS Fail – the availability of a domain
  • DA – Moz Domain Authority
  • PA – Moz Page Authority (new)
  • Links – Backlinks from Moz
  • WBR – Wayback Machine results
  • WBCD – Wayback Machine’s first crawl – so when the site came online
  • Alexa – A popularity rating
  • FB – Facebook
  • G+ – Google Plus
  • Pinterest

Right Click Menu:

  • Open Website
  • Check Whois
  • Open Alexa
  • Open (Wayback Machine)
  • Open Similar Web (really good site for research)


  • 38 minute source code video
  • Full resale rights
  • Full rights to modify – basically do whatever you want
  • Learn and earn from it!

The Moz check uses the bulk checker, so it can check up to 10 URLs per call. Instead of calling one URL and then waiting for 10 seconds it can do 10 at one time and then wait for 10 seconds, so it’s much faster!

My Guarantee To You

I want you to be happy with the product and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time I’ll give you a credit to IM Autobots for the amount of your purchase. No strings attached.

This is source code only. You must own Ubot Studio and have the dev version (and be subscribed to updates) to use this. This uses the HTTP Post Plugin (paid) and the DataGridUI Plugin (paid) You must also install the following free plugins: DateTime ManipulationFile ManagementHMAC-SHA1JSONpathLocal DictionaryString Management, Table Commands (comes with Ubot), Threads Counter