Socket Buddy

Transform Ubot Code Into Socket Code!

Socket Buddy will read your Ubot code and then transform it into socket ready code. It will make all the necessary changes and reverse engineer your code and make changes to accommodate all the little nuances that you need to account for when working with sockets and xpath. This is for scraping, not posting. Please watch the video above.

  • Transforms scrape attributes into Xpath parser ready code
  • Supports “Set User Agent”
  • Supports proxies (including credentials)
  • Supports Exists (if element exists & loop while exists)
  • Supports pagination clicks (click to go to next page)
  • Set scrape attribute
  • Add list to list scrape attribute
  • All common element attributes (id, class, innertext, tagname and so on)
  • Trim outputs
  • Keep variable & list scope
  • Ability to change scope for the extra code generated by Socket Buddy

In the advanced element editor inside of Ubot. Socket Buddy will work with the common element attributes but cannot do: before, after, innerhtml, outerhtml – as these are not compatible with Xpath (so they can’t be done anyways). Also when using scrape attribute the wildcard and regex parts are not currently supported.

This is a compiled program but you must have the HTTP Post Plugin (Paid) in order to use the output code.

My Guarantee To You

I want you to be happy with the product and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time I’ll give you a credit to IM Autobots for the amount of your purchase. No strings attached.