The Ubot Bundle

The Ubot Bundle is a collection of tools (and videos) I’ve made over the years to make your Ubotting life easier. This includes 6 total products in total. Below are the links and videos to each. The combined total price is normally: $189

It is recommended to have the HTTP Post Plugin as two of these products use it and also this is more optional but in the Ubot Scraping Course I also use the Ex Browser Plugin.

Regex Builder 2.0 (With Source Code)

Easily build regular expressions with Regex Builder!

Ubot Scraping Course

6 hours of content teaching you all about web scraping.

Useful Functions And Scripts

A package of useful scripts and functions that will allow you to code faster and easier.


A Ubot code viewer, launcher and library.

The next two products I already give away for free, but to save some time I thought I’d just add them in here so you can get the whole package.

Ubot Launcher

Launch Ubot scripts faster and with less clutter, the program will auto select the plugins you need based on the code in your script.

Ubot To Txt Converter

Convert .ubot files to text files.