Ubot Beyond The Basics Course

Course Length: 4+ hours

This course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of Ubot and want to take their Ubotting to the next level. The course is designed to teach important concepts that will enable you to create more professional bots. Please note that while it is not necessary I highly recommend you have the Ubot Developer edition to get the most out of this course. This course talks about GUIs and that section is only relevant to those with the Developer Edition (or plan on getting it and want to learn ahead of time).

Course Contents:

The contents of this course are divided up into 4 main sections, each containing its own set of videos.

Section 1 – Ubot

In this section we look at Ubot and all the options there are, the keyboard shortcuts and anything else that is important. We talk about compiling as well and all the options. This is the most basic part of the course, but is necessary to make sure everyone is up to speed. Plus you may learn some nuggets of information you didn’t know before – even if you are a seasoned Ubotter.

  • Navigating Ubot
  • Compiling

Section 2 – Programming

This section teaches you the concepts of being a better Ubotter. After you are done with this section you will know how to write better and cleaner Ubot code as well as understand important concepts for making more professional bots such as input validation, adding proxy support, and multi-threading.

  • Code Formatting
  • Input Validation
  • Adding Proxy Support – how to add public and private proxy support to your script
  • Custom Commands & Functions
  • Multi-threading – best way to multi-thread in Ubot
  • Working With Time

Section 3 – Information Storage

Information storage is a massive part of making bots, this section will teach you how to create a settings file for your bots to make them more professional. We also talk about a few other things you may not know about.

  • Paths
  • Settings File – how to create a settings file for your bots
  • Table Tips

Section 4 – GUIs

If you want to make the most professional looking programs then you have to know how to work with GUIs. This section teaches you the basics of creating HTML elements for Ubot. We look at inputs and how to connect them to Ubot variables. We then go to more advanced concepts such as how to create a progress bar, how to make a dropdown menu that is updated by a list as well as creating custom start and stop buttons. This is not a basic HTML/CSS tutorial but rather a tutorial that teaches you how to take basic HTML/CSS and make it work in Ubot.

  • HTML Boilerplate
  • HTML Elements 1 – creating HTML elements for a GUI and connecting them to Ubot variables
  • HTML Elements 2
  • Creating A Progress Bar
  • Making A Dropdown Updated By A List
  • Creating Custom Start & Stop Buttons
  • Creating Custom Start & Stop Buttons Multithreaded Version
  • Javascript Count Items In A Textarea

Note: It is recommended you have the Developer Edition of Ubot to get the most out of this course (or plan on getting it and want to learn about GUIs ahead of time). Plugins used: Threads Counter, INI File Reader

My Guarantee To You

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