Ubot Scraping Course

Note: All ExBrowser Coupons Have Been Taken

Course Length: 6 hours

Course Contents:

This first part of the course will build the foundation for you so that later when we do the practicals you can see how things are put together and be able to use them in your own web scraping. This includes 10 videos:

  • Terms Explained
  • Element Offset, Child, Parent, Sibling
  • XML Tutorial
  • Xpath Part 1
  • Xpath Part 2
  • Pagination Part 1
  • Pagination Part 2
  • Regex Part 1
  • Regex Part 2
  • Testing The Limits (really cool)

After that we have the Regex Course, here is the info on that:

Part 1: Theory – we cover what regex is and what you can use it for
Part 2: Breaking it Down – we go over regex bit by bit
Part 3: Ubot Specific Regex – I explain what you need to know – specifically for Ubot Studio
Part 4: Practical – we go over real world examples

Finally, the last part is the “practical” videos where I go over real examples and film them “live” meaning not rehearsed and building scrapers I have not built before. This will show you how to start marking a scraper from the very beginning and also the roadblocks that come up and how to overcome them.

Practical 1. Amazon Scraper
Practical 2. Etsy Scraper
Practical 3. (Ex Browser) Alexa Scraper

Note: If you have the Regex Course already you can PM me or email me after you purchase this course to get the Regex Builder (regular version) for free or a $40 coupon.

My Guarantee To You

I want you to be happy with the product and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product at any time I’ll give you a credit to IM Autobots for the amount of your purchase. No strings attached.

This uses the HTTP Post plugin (paid), you don’t have to have it but it is highly recommended. We also use the Ex Browser Plugin a little bit but it is not required.