uScripter – Save Time, Code Easier

Price is $67 for a limited time until I add more features, use coupon: 67uScripter

uScripter is a program designed to make your life easier by saving you time and headache by automating boring tasks. Ultimately I want uScripter to be a Ubotters best friend. I encourage you to watch the entire video above to see all the features in action so that I can show you how everything is worked but a brief description of the features is also below.

Current Features:

  • Code view to see all tabs of your code
  • Line count for current tab
  • Total line and tabs count for Ubot file
  • Easily copy code from any module with one click
  • Ability to clear data easily in a few clicks
  • Generate Save/Load settings code with little input
  • Convert all relevant ui commands into HTML in two clicks
  • Convert or ensure scope (local or global)
  • CTRL + E brings up a search box to easily search Google/Ubot forums
  • CTRL + O opens a new file
  • Click the folder icon on the bottom to¬†open the current directory

Note: This is a compiled program, not source code!