Useful Functions And Scripts

Many of these scripts use the HTTP Post Plugin (paid).


This package is a list of useful scripts and functions that will allow you to code faster and easier. You can easily add them into your existing scripts or use them as a launch off point for new bots.

Right now there are 22 different scripts including:

Search Engines (HTTP Post):

These will pull results from the search engines and can easily be added to a bot – HTTP Post and multithreaded ready. (All variables and lists are local)

Search Google: Specify the keyword and page number you want to search Google and this function will return the results. This can easily be looped or multithreaded. Ability to add a custom user agent, referer, proxy and timeout as well.

Search Youtube: Same as Search Google but for Youtube!

Social Media (HTTP Post):

All of the social media functions are setup for multithreading and use the HTTP Post plugin. They are all really easy to use and you should be able to incorporate them into your programs with just a quick copy and paste.

  • Check Alexa
  • Get Facebook shares
  • Get Facebook likes
  • Get Twitter Count
  • Get Pinterest Count
  • Get Google+ Count
  • Get LinkedIn Count
  • Check Stumble Upon Views


Text is very important and we are always interacting with text in Ubot Studio so it is not something to be overlooked!

Return series of numbers based on parameters: Input start number, end number and increment and this will return a series of numbers. Handy for making drop downs quickly.

  • Count words and numbers in a string
  • Add prefix to each line
  • Add suffix to each line
  • Remove lines containing x

Links (HTTP Post):

Get Links: This will grab the internal and external links on the page. It differs from the HTTP Links Finder in that is has the ability to grab links that are not full urls. For example it will not skip over links such as: /services.htm – it will however (for now at least) skip over links that traverse up directories such as: ../

Get Links Based On Extension: This uses the Grab Links function and then only keeps the links with the extension you want, for example adding the parameters: pdf,doc will only keep PDF and DOC files in the list.

Open In Browser:

These will come in handy if you ever use the Ubot Studio UI or Load HTML.

  • UI Button – Open URL In Browser
  • UI Link – Open URL In Browser
  • Load HTML Button – Open URL In Browser
  • Load HTML Text Link – Open URL In Browser
  • On Load Hack – Open URL In Browser (Doesn’t use on load command)

Many of these scripts use the HTTP Post Plugin (paid).